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The most valuable information I can give you, aside from the information you can obtain on my site about the law, is to tell you that when you look for an attorney look into their experience, their integrity and whether you find yourself a good fit with your attorney during your first consultation.

It is very important to find a good attorney who also takes the time to understand and relate to you and your needs. My policy is to not create unrealistic expectations and not to give clients the wrong advice regarding their case. I believe in being honest and acting with integrity, and I would like to attract the same kind of clients to my office.

I practice Immigration and Family law. My mission in these areas is:

Immigration Law

If you are an immigrant or are seeking to immigrate, hiring an attorney with a good reputation and an established working relationship with government agencies is priceless. You need to find an attorney who knows the law and can steer you in the right direction—somebody who stays well informed and is able to navigate your case through the various government agencies.

When you have an immigration problem with the federal government it can be frightening. Your life is hanging in the balance, and you need somebody to advocate for you who is truly on your side. It is crucial to hire somebody who has experience in successfully navigating individual cases through various government agencies, is well versed in current laws, and has the ability to deal with complex cases. Immigration law has gone through rapid, substantial changes in recent years, and it continues to change. You need a skilled attorney who is current on the law.

I have helped many people to successfully obtain their legal status, and have even appealed their immigration cases when necessary, to successfully obtain multiple waivers for non citizens which allow them to lawfully reside in the United States.

I enjoyed helping people to immigrate here in order to be with their families, and to have a chance to be part of the American Dream. I have helped people who have been detained by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to resolve their cases in the very best way possible.

Many are unable to enter the US or Canada due to a crime they committed in the past or records created at the border. I greatly enjoyed helping my clients to resolve their obstacles.

I will not give you false hopes and expectations. I will give you an accurate assessment of your situation, and I will work to find the very best solution possible for your immigration matter. I am a passionate advocate of human rights, and I am here to help you, if you will let me.

Family Law

If you are seeking a family law attorney, retaining a knowledgeable attorney is important. Family law matters are emotionally draining and your attorney should be willing to spend her time listening to you and also avoid filing unnecessary papers to alleviate an angry moment you may have. Resolving the case with less adverse effects to the children and parties should be a top consideration.

When you seek to hire an attorney in a family case, chances are that you are dealing with internal conflicts such as anger, resentment, eroded self-confidence, eroded self-esteem, fear, lack of financial stability, and mixed feelings as to whether you are making the right decision. You may be constantly getting advice from well-meaning people who do not understand that this is your experience, not theirs. I understand that. Being vulnerable is never desired. You need to find an attorney with high ethical standards, who is able to listen to your concerns, to see the big picture, and who has the knowledge, skill and experience to help you come to a resolution that will protect your future.

There is so much at stake, and the most important thing is to navigate through your current experience with a sense of peace. Because of my years of experience and training as a litigator, a mediator, and a collaborative attorney in family law cases, I understand that each family situation is different, and requires careful evaluation, and the ability to choose a solution that will protect the interests of those family members who are most vulnerable—the children.

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