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Divorce: To File or Not To File

Divorce: To File or Not To File

If you are filing or thinking about filing for divorce, there is nothing wrong with proceeding. You don’t gain anything by staying in an unhappy marriage and remaining miserable. Worse still, subjecting your children to living in a household with unhappy parents. Lack...

Children’s Movies

The other day, I was checking out what children’s movies are currently in theatres to take my 5 year old to see. I noticed Norm of the North. I read a few reviews and they were not flattering.

Dealing with Life’s Challenges

Every day we get up and deal with our routine without a second thought about whether we can change it to suit our heart’s desire. We kind of go through steps and life out of habit. We get up, go to work or school, drop off and pick up kids, have lunch and dinner and finally return home to engage in a stimulating or non-stimulating activity before going to bed.