Children’s Movies

by | Jan 24, 2016 | Faiths Musings

The other day, I was checking out what children’s movies are currently in theatres to take my 5 year old to see. I noticed Norm of the North. I read a few reviews and they were not  flattering. One review cut my eyes at Roger Ebert’s “Hollywood indoctrinating” our children with liberal ideas. I found it laughable. But what’s really funny these days is when you turn on the TV and listen to nonsense all the time. It seems like producers no longer produce. They only need to find the most outrageous clown to get ratings.

We went to see the movie. I must be a liberal by Roger Ebert’s standards since I thought it was a good movie with character and caring for animals instead of the almighty dollar. I thought the kid in the movie was a good example for our kids. I enjoyed it.

When I saw Inside Out, I thought it was the most fascinating movie. Not only did it cover emotions and how best to be aware and redirect anger and sadness with joy and happy thoughts; it introduced children to the role emotions play in mental health and well being. To this day, I ask my daughter when she is cranky or not having a good day, whether it’s best to be red or yellow and I always get the answer “yellow” with a big smile. I hope more movie producers make movies that teach positive attitudes and general well being, a little about integrity and honesty. In the good old days, we used to get that from our daytime or nighttime movies and children’sprograms. Today, children’s TV runs ads every 5 minutes and the programs are riddled with foul language, bad behavior and negativity.

It looks like kids (grownups who never grew up happy) write most of today’s children’s programs.

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