At Nouri Law, we understand that divorce is often complicated and extremely painful, and we work to obtain a favorable result for you within the shortest time possible, so that you can go forward with your life.

In divorce proceedings, there are three parties, or elements involved:

  • the Petitioner
  • the Respondent
  • the Court-which makes orders it deems appropriate, just and equitable, such as an Order for Custody Evaluation, or the Appointment of Minor’s Counsel.

Uncontested Divorce

When the parties both agree to proceed with a divorce and all issues may be amicably resolved, it is truly an uncontested divorce. If the parties are able to proceed amicably, the divorce and settlement will be reached in a much shorter span of time.

Contested Divorce

When the parties are unable to resolve issues such as:

  • child custody
  • division of community assets or
  • spousal support

To name a few, the matter will be litigated. A Court Order will be obtained in the absence of any settlement by the parties.

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