Divorce: To File or Not To File

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Faiths Musings

If you are filing or thinking about filing for divorce, there is nothing wrong with proceeding. You don’t gain anything by staying in an unhappy marriage and remaining miserable. Worse still, subjecting your children to living in a household with unhappy parents. Lack of healthy communication between parents does not teach young children that a family, home and marriage is safe and good. Children growing up with unhappy parents become fearful of relationships and develop commitment problems. I am not a psychologist. However, I read and observe and have represented or handled probably approximately about 1000 divorce and custody cases. I listen to the kids and their parents. As a parent, know that you will be fine and your children will be fine if you choose to end an unhappy marriage. Sometimes counseling helps but not always. When you take steps to improve your personal life, you also teach your children the same. When there is domestic violence, no one wins by staying in an unpredictable jailhouse. It is a jailhouse, if you live in fear or constant worry that the bottom is going to give at any minute. Let go of your fear, embrace today and know you will be fine. It is never easy to take a stand and stand tall. You need courage and gumption. Know that this is a part of you and you only need to trust yourself, your own instinct and thus, return to your happy self.

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