Dealing with Life’s Challenges

by | Jan 23, 2016 | Faiths Musings

Every day we get up and deal with our routine without a second thought about whether we can change it to suit our heart’s desire. We kind of go through steps and life out of habit. We get up, go to work or school, drop off and pick up kids, have lunch and dinner and finally return home to engage in a stimulating or non-stimulating activity before going to bed. We feel obliged to act certain ways or do certain things. We rarely spend time during our daily routine to contemplate, to ask ourselves whether this is the right routine for me. Do we dare ask: Can I change my routine or life?  If so how?  Am I spending each day of my life as if it is my last day on earth?

I have heard people respond to my questions that when we begin our path in life, our obligations, responsibilities and personal choices put us in an automatic drive mode where we may not see any way out for years until somewhere, someone or something shakes us to our core and we realize each one of us has a choice in pushing or tearing away from the “norm” or “routines”.  I see Courage as the main ingredient and the force behind our desire/drive to make changes.

If you are a religious person, most Institutions would tell you that tolerance of hardship and acceptance of your lot in life are virtues, and that you should be thankful.

If you are spiritual, you may follow the more popular ideology that we create our own lives and this is not a real world but a figment of our creation or imagination. If you have heard of this concept, you may find it hard to shape your day as you wish and end up feeling powerless at times, desperate to change and unable to do so for the same reason.

You may find challenges encouraging you to move forward and push harder for changes in your life. Your outlook of the world, of yourself, and possibly other people’s view of your daily challenges could easily guide you or derail you from moving forward toward changes that make you a happier person. Changes do not normally happen overnight. There is no denying that one can make a drastic change but this kind of upheaval is normally associated with emotional heartache or trauma. I can think of a few drastic changes in my own life and all were lessons. I cherish each past experience as I would not have been the person I am today.

Let’s plan to listen to our heart and sing along today!

Human emotion is fascinating. We can change our mood very quickly, if we choose to. For the most part, each of us has an exclusive power to be happy or fearful or sad.  I know it may not sound like an easy concept for everyone.  If you choose to be happy and make today a good day, you can.

Can you change your path, your daily routine on your own volition for one day? We are normally pushed into changes by circumstances either beyond our control or as created with our action and thoughts. Can you plan and consciously make changes, one day at a time?  Ponder this, if you will and change your routine consciously for today. This I call baby step one.

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